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G.C.H., A Story of the Old West

The GCH is a flashback journey in time from 1925 to 1877 depicting the life of two young boys on the adventure of which all men, as youngsters, dream.  Two old cowboys recount their life together in the cattle business to their descendents, as the audience has the privilege to in some ways become a participant.  A strong female influence by a spinster school teacher contributes moral and spiritual guidance to these young cowboys and helps to round out a compelling, and very different western epic of the Old West.

Script development is complete and we are in the stages of pre-production.  Filming is expected to begin  2010.

Music Video for Miss Rodeo Oklahoma 2008
Kristin Killion

Shot around various locations in Oklahoma

Movie Short - Buck and Charley

An authentic depictions of two young cowboys and their adventures in the old west.

The Art of Jack Wells

A documentary about the art of Jack Wells inside the Historic Cattleman's Restaurant in the Downtown Stockyards of Oklahoma City.

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